Cable Nation: Reports

Looking for insight into the ever changing world of video? Look no further…CAB’s popular Cable Nation reports tackle issues and questions we hear directly in the marketplace from Agencies and Advertisers. Each report is filled with dozens of charts, facts and insights addressing a specific hot button issue.

Have an idea for our next report? We can answer questions throughout the full spectrum of video advertising: cross platform usage and measurement, national and/or local market issues / trends, multicultural, planning, buying, competitive spending, programming, media metrics & measurement, VOD, …just ask.

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The Age of Adults 50+ - A Powerful, Desirable Consumer

This report focuses on the economic, psychographic and media behaviors that have turned the Adult 50+ demographic, powered by alpha boomers, into a powerful, desirable consumer. In addition to the available Cable Nation report, click here for a more detailed analysis.

Automotive: The Fast Lane to Attracting Likely Buyers

CAB custom study exploring what media influence a likely automotive buyer throughout their decision making process

The Undisputed Sports Champion

An in-depth recap of Cable’s programming and multiscreen dominance within the wide world of sports.

The ‘Fall’ Of Broadcast, Fall 2013 Primetime Analysis

A deep dive into the ratings decline of Broadcast and what lies ahead for the 2013‑14 season.

Breaking News: The Truth Behind Late Local Broadcast News

This in-depth analysis explores the late news advertising environment in comparison to ad-supported cable.

Fast-Forward To DVR Facts

‘Live TV’ still the norm as 77% of viewing occurs ‘Live’ in Primetime - among all demographics.  In fact, only a quarter of Cable’s programming is time-shifted v. half of Broadcasts’.

Cable Leading Viewership: 2013 First Half Review

An in-depth look at Broadcast and Ad-Supported Cable performance to date. We focused on key retail days…results will surprise you.

Summer Of Cable

Recently there has been a lot of press surrounding the Broadcast Networks investing more resources into original summer programming. We put this all into prospective and what it means for the summer season for both Broadcast and Cable.

Cord Cutting: Put in Context for Cable TV

Much has been made in the press about the increase of “zero TV” households but what, if anything, does this really mean for the TV landscape and advertisers? We believe that the impact of “cord cutting” will be negligible for the cable TV industry in both the short and long term. Click here to learn why.

Video Advertising Update

Cable is leading and growing on every screen. You might have come to expect it in TV but the degree of Cable’s leadership and continued growth across all platforms may surprise you. In this report, we also measured Social TV –did you know that 70% of social TV activity is about Cable programming and brands?

Cable Content Travels…Ascends to the Top

Cable is driven by the quality and original content choices it provides across all video platforms. This report showcases Cable’s growth and transcendence toward the top across all video screens.

Top 100 Primetime Programs

You loved the first report - we heard your requests and issued an update. We examined the relevancy of the ‘Top 100 Primetime’ rated TV shows…which by the way only represent 6% of all Primetime programs.

TV Everywhere: On the Cusp of a Breakout Year

TV Everywhere brings TV content easily to more people, across more platforms, in an advertiser friendly environment. This primer takes you through the principal, who is offering it and measurement realities.

Winning the Undecided Voter

The undecided voter wins elections. In this report, we focused on the undecided voter and their media consumption habits. Results reveal that TV is the clear way to reach the undecided voter and within TV – Cable rises to the top in what influences these election “deciders”.

Election Media – How Voters Decide

This report takes an in-depth look at what media influences a voters’ decision making process from the beginning of a campaign all the way to the voting booth in both national and local community elections.

A Month in the Life of Cable Nation

A ‘big picture’ look at the dramatic evolution in branded television video and primary role in the media lives of consumers. This report covers it all from share of grps to original programming to timeshifting – just to name a few.