Cable Planner

This section provides tools to help you kick off the Cable planning process - nationally, regionally and/or locally. Our searchable directories of Local Cable systems and Cable Network Profiles are a go-to-first source for Agencies / Clients looking to advertise on Cable.

Local Cable System Directory

Wondering what Cable systems are in a specific market or state? Need contact information for a Cable system in a particular market? This directory allows you to search for information by market, local cable system and/or state.

Cable Network Profiles

Deciding which Cable networks to include in your next buy? CAB’s Network Profiles provides in-depth summaries of virtually all the national ad-supported cable networks.  These profiles contain concise listings that allow you to quickly reference advertising information about each network and their abilities to target desired audiences.

This tool allows you to search by network, race, program type, demo and gender.

Note: Only members of this year’s book are listed.

Local Avail Times

Curious how many minutes of local commercial inventory are available on each network? This section provides you with an alphabetical listing of ad-supported cable network local avail and insertion times.

Note: All network insertion times are 24 hours, unless otherwise indicated.

Regional Cable Directory

This tool allows you to browse a directory of the major regional cable networks by programming genre and/or by state. Each directory listing contains a brief network profile along with contact information.

Cable Promo Calendar

Looking for an opportunity to expand your Cable presence beyond a :30 spot? CAB's Cable Network Promotion Calendar provides a six month, at-a-glance listing of ad-supported network promotions that advertisers can tie-into locally.

Note: Updated semi-annually

Live v Dual Feed Schedules

A dual feed is two separate broadcast transmissions - allowing the programming times to be uniform on both coasts. Use this tool to identify which cable networks support dual v. live feeds.

Note: Dual feed cable nets broadcast on Eastern time plus three hours in Pacific territory.

Network Schedules

A comprehensive list of all Ad-Supported Cable network schedules.

Network Launch Dates

This section details all cable networks inception dates alphabetically and/or in five year increments.