Cross Platform

CAB Custom Cross Platform Studies

The CAB has produced numerous ground-breaking proprietary multi-screen research studies in order to understand consumer usage and acceptance of various video devices.

Video Nation: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace (2013)

Using our previous study, Which Screen? Every Screen as a benchmark CAB’s newest custom survey fielded in April 2013 examines how consumer usage and advertising acceptance has evolved in the past year by demographic (specifically, teens, A18-24, A25-34, A18-49). Additionally, this study explores new topics such as the state of OTT streaming video and the use of network and distributor TV apps. This document contains a small sample of our findings. If you would like to see the full presentation please contact Danielle DeLauro.

Which Screen? Every Screen (2012)

This custom study fielded in March 2012 investigated consumer behaviors, motivations, advertising acceptance and adoption of video platforms. The key findings looked at how demographics (i.e. teens, A18-24, A25-34, A18-49) effected multi-screen behavior and pre-disposition.

'Which Screen II' consumer study (2007)

The second phase of our Which Screen study fielded in 2007, repeated key questions identified in the first survey to track year over year comparisons. A timely new battery of questions on "how much consumers viewed TV on the Web" was also examined.

'Which Screen' consumer study (2006)

Our original multi-screen study fielded in 2006 examined how and why consumers were using the various "screens" to view video on television, computer, and mobile screens such as the video i-Pod and the video cell phone.