Advanced TV

Video usage across all screens continues to rise – including Television. Despite the proliferation of various video screens – video viewing on TV is stable as viewing continues to be ADDITIVE and not a replacement. To learn more about Advanced TV; video usage across various screens and time-shifted viewing – click on the presentations below.

Multi-Screen Insights
Consumers spent 93% of their total Video time with the television. Mobile video is on the rise but comprises only a nominal share of total video time – 4%. This presentation covers who is driving Television's, online video’s and mobile video's growth.

Time-Shifting 2013
Today practically half of all homes have a DVR with growth rate starting to slow. Time spent timeshifting has grown but still only comprises a fraction of total TV time. Broadcast programming tends to be viewed the most in playback mode with premium programs ranking at top. Click to learn more.

Understanding Advanced TV
This primer provides descriptions and examples of linear and non-linear capabilities, a look at the current and future marketplace and advertising availability and usage of advanced television.

Canoe Ventures
Canoe makes it easy and consistent for national programmers and advertisers to utilize non-linear video advertising inventory across platforms. The first step is delivering a common technical approach for VOD dynamic ad insertion (DAI) at scale.



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