"How Planner and Consumer Perceptions Differ" Study

The CAB believed there was a disconnect between how consumers think about and watch TV and how the advertising industry talks about television. The CAB shared these thoughts with Media Magazine’s Joe Mandese. As a result, Mediapost partnered with Insight Express to see if the industry’s beliefs are the same beliefs held by consumers. Two studies were conducted online, using the InsightExpress online survey services.

Study Details: 

  • Studies conducted in November 2003.
  • 430 completed surveys among MediaPost’s proprietary audience of Media Directors, Planners, Buyers, etc. of media.
  • 500 completed surveys of adults 18+ among a representative sampling of the U.S. online population provided by InsightExpress. 

The “How Planner and Consumer Perceptions Differ” study’s objectives were to understand opinions of the different media in terms of effectiveness for advertising – and where perceptions differed among consumers and advertisers. 

Study Results: 

Only half (53%) of media planners believe they and their peers have a good understanding how consumers relate to media. But most consumers, in terms of favorite media outlet, exposure, attention, and engagement with advertising, believe TV is just TV – but when they did have an opinion believed cable had an advantage over broadcast television in each of the metrics measured. 

Download Study PowerPoint 

NOTE: Study and presentation copyright © 2003 by Mediapost/Insight Express.

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