Custom Studies

This area contains the latest ground-breaking industry studies conducted by CAB and/or by CAB in conjunction with leading research firms.  

Cable Nation Report: Winning the Undecided Voter
One group will determine the outcome of the November national and local community elections – undecided voters. This CAB pulse study examines what media influences the undecided voter right up until they cast their ballot. This study, conducted by Research Now, was conducted in late August 2012; all the analysis in our report reflects voters who indicated they were currently undecided in either the national Presidential election or local community election.

Which Screen? Every Screen
This custom multi-screen research study explores consumer behaviors, motivations and adoption of various video content / advertising platforms. The key findings explore how demographics (specifically, teens, A18-24, A25-34, A18-49) effects multi-screen behavior and pre-disposition. This national online survey of 2,200 consumers A13+ (200 T13+ and 2,000 A18+) was fielded in March 2012.

Cable Nation Report: Election Media – How Voters Decide
CAB commissioned Research Now to conduct Political Pulse 2012 – a study to better understand consumer political attitudes around media. Political Pulse 2012 was a snapshot poll taken over one week in November 2011 using information from 500 respondents from a randomly selected national internet panel. All survey respondents were registered voters A18+.

CAB Custom Studies Archive:

'CAB Multi-Media Study'
This custom re-contact study examines consumer attitudes and perceptions across seven media including television, newspapers, radio, internet, magazines and out of home. This research links to the Scarborough Local Market Study and combines our respondents’ answers to all of our media-related questions to their responses to the entire Scarborough questionnaire.

'Which Screen II' consumer study
This is the second phase of our original Which Screen research. Repeated the major question identified in the first study, and added a timely additional battery of questions on "how much consumers viewed TV on the Web".

'Which Screen' consumer study
This original groundbreaking research looked at how and why consumers were using the various "screens" to view video.  Included a look at the television, the computer, and mobile screens such as the video i-Pod and the video cell phone.

CAB Releases Findings of 'Political Pulse' Research Study
This study, fielded in September was intended to gain a deeper understanding of the decision making process for registered voters, swing voters, woman and African-Americans.

'How People Use TV' segmentation study
This segmentation grouped viewers on their likelihood of being exclusive or heavy viewers of either cable or broadcast TV.

'How People Use TV' study
How People Use TV was to ascertain if viewers held beliefs that the cable networks had different attributes than the broadcast networks. Tested were the questions of "water-cooler" programs, "appointment TV" and if people really thought of cable or broadcast or "just watched TV".

'How Planner & Consumer Perceptions Differ' study
We looked at how consumers thought about cable TV vs. broadcast in terms of various qualitative markers, and then asked planners how they thought consumers answered these questions. The differences are telling…

Unaided Recall study
The CAB conducted a large scale study of primetime unaided recall with Nielsen Media Research using a telephone coincidental in order to capture primetime commercial recall on an unaided basis. The results proved there was not a statistically significant difference between cable and broadcast commercial recall.

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