Mission & Overview

The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, cable’s customer facing 501-(c)-(6)-trade association:

The unified voice of the cable advertising sales industry that lobbies for:

  • More Ad Revenue
  • Better Ad Processes
  • A Cable Dominated Future

Lobbying is direct to Advertising Agencies and the Advertisers themselves via...

  • Live Presentations
  • Research Insights
  • PR/Publicity
  • Digital Forums, Live Forums
  • Collaboration – Standards & Practices

The CAB is oversaw by our esteemed board of directors comprised of Ad Sales presidents from our member networks and systems.

About Cab Membership

CAB's member organizations include virtually all of the national and regional ad-supported cable networks; system operators and interconnects representing more than 90 percent of all U.S. cable subscribers; and suppliers to the cable advertising business.

All of these organizations actively work together through CAB to further increase awareness of the power of cable as an advertising medium; and to make cable an increasingly effective marketing environment for advertisers throughout the U.S.-nationally, regionally and locally.

Interested in joining the CAB as a member? Visit the Membership Information page.

For more information on cable advertising or CAB's mission, call us at 212-508-1200 or simply e-mail us with any questions.

To access CAB’s 990 form, click here.